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Funding your Exchange or Study Abroad

Funding your Exchange or Study Abroad Experience
The most important thing to know here is this: your UTC financial aid will apply to any of our approved study abroad and exchange programs included in the programs list on this website. This includes your federal aid, state aid, UTC scholarships, and outside scholarships (be sure to verifty this with the organization that offered you the scholarship to be certain).

Visit our Scholarships & Financial Aid section to see additional study abroad scholarships that may be available to you based on eligibility. 

Keep in mind that every program will have a different program fee, and this depends on a number of factors, including but not limited to:
  • Which organization you choose to study through (UTC faculty-led program, ISEP, a Bilateral Exchange, etc.)
  • What each program provides for you (for example: tuition, room, and board or perhaps tuition only)
  • Where you choose to go
  • How long you go
  • Whether or not you are required to obtain a visa, and how much it costs for a particular country, duration, and visa type
  • What your spending habits are like (!)
  • What financial aid you receive  

Another important thing to keep in mind: our Study Abroad Advisors are here to help you navigate these program options and associated fees, and help determine the best fit for you based on your interests and your budget.

Use this interactive budgeting tool to help you compare costs for study abroad program(s) with the estimated costs for studying at UTC!
Program Cost Comparison Budget Sheet

**NOTE**  Remember that the currency where you intend to study will be different than the US dollar! For help calculating exchange rates visit this website.