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Program Types

Study Abroad and Exchange Program Types

Bilateral Exchange Programs: UTC has established direct agreements with a variety of institutions around the world to allow UTC students the opportunity to participate in academic exchanges. Students choosing this option will directly enroll in university classes, and may also have the option to take specific classes designed for foreign students. Bilateral exchanges can be some of the most affordable exchange programs available to UTC students. These programs will be tagged as Featured Programs in the website's program search engine.   
International Student Exchange Programs (ISEP): ISEP is another affordable program option that allows students to choose to study at specific institutions in over 45 different countries. ISEP provide both Exchange options as well as Direct options. UTC students are able to study through ISEP Direct options only.

Affiliate Programs: Also known as Third Party Programs or Approved Programs, UTC's Affiliate Programs offer a variety of program models, academics, themes, regions, countries, and program fees. While these programs may not be some of the most affordable, they do offer a range of scholarships specific to their programs and often provide students with additional support services and resources. Some may also be as affordable as Bilateral and ISEP options. 

UTC Faculty-Led Programs: Currently, this program option is available during summer term, spring break, and winter break. Students join fellow UTC students under the direction of a UTC faculty member who teaches a UTC course, leads excursions and field trips, and travels with the student group for the duration of the study abroad program.